Frequently Asked Questions
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Q: ACCOUNT: What if I dont have a credit account?

Q: BACKORDERS: Questions regarding Backorders

Q: Can I COLLECT my Order?

Q: Can I place a phone order with Electus?

Q: CATALOGUE: Does Electus have a Catalogue?

Q: COOKIES: Are Cookies Safe?

Q: COOKIES: What is a Cookie?

Q: CREDIT CARDS: Which cards do Electus accept?

Q: DATA: Where can I find semiconductor data?

Q: GST: Do the prices include GST?

Q: INVOICE: Why does my invoice say no-reorder?

Q: MINIMUM ORDER: What is the minimum order value?

Q: MOQ's: Are there Minimum Order Quantities for any Electus Products?

Q: ORDERING: Can I order products on this site?

Q: ORDERING: Can I purchase from Electus?

Q: OVERSEAS ORDERS: Do you deliver to Overseas?

Q: PASSWORD: How do I change my password?

Q: PASSWORD: I have got my Username and Password, but I cant log in.

Q: PASSWORD: I've forgotten my password.

Q: RETURNING GOODS: Can I return goods straight away?

Q: RETURNING GOODS: Oops! I ordered the wrong part. Can I return it?

Q: SEARCHING: How to make the most out of your searches

Q: WARRANTY: My product stopped working. What do I do?

Q: What are OEM items?

Q: WHOLESALE PRICING: Where can I see the Wholesale prices?

Q: Why cant I place anything into my shopping cart?

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