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Other converters

Other converters

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IEC EMI Power Line Filter - 6 Amp
Specifications:- Rated voltage: 115/250VAC- Power Line Freq: 50/60Hz- Rated Current: 6 amps- Maximum Leakage Current:- Line to ground @ 115 VAC 60Hz 0...

Motor Speed Controller / Dimmer12VDC 8A
DC speed controllers are ideal for slowing down pumps and motors or dimming lights but commonly use resistance circuits and are very inefficient. The ...

Battery Discharge Protector Module M148A
This module by German brand Kemo Electronics protects your car battery from total discharge by switching off appliances such as fridges and TV sets before the battery voltage drops to an unrecoverable level.

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 Results Sort by 1