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10 Way Home Theatre Surge Protected Powerboard

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RRP: $84.95
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10 surge and spike protected sockets.
Sold as - Each
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1 Year Warranty

240V Mains Power

This is the perfect addition to your home theatre, music gear or home office setup. This powerboard features 10 surge and spike protected sockets, including 2 wide sockets for large power adaptors. It also includes 2 USB ports for charging smartphones and tablets. Surge protection and EMI/RFI filtering protect against mains power fluctuations, with each socket protected three ways: active, neutral and earth. Additional protection is provided by the built-in circuit breaker. This powerboard also has telephone and data protection (for a network connection), satellite/cable TV video protection, and protection for your TV antenna.

• Separate Telephone/Data Line & TV Antenna/Cable TV Protection 
• 144,000A Surge Protection
• 2 USB Charging Sockets
• 2 Extra Wide Sockets

Power Filter:
Surge Protection: Metal Oxide Varistors
Supply Voltage: 250VAC
Current Rating: 10A max. 2500W
Protection Mode: A-N, N-E, E-A
Max Surge Current: 144,000A
Typical Capacitance: 400pF
Clamping Voltage (@50A): <775V
Energy Absorption: 4300 joules
Response Time: <2ns
Filtration: EMI/RFI

Telephone Line:
Filter Type: Gas Tube Arrestor
Surge Current: 1200A (1kV/µs)
Impulse Discharge Current: 10kA (8/20µs)
Capacitance: <5pF
Clamping Voltage: 600V
TV Surge Protection: Gas Tube Arrestor
DC Strike Voltage: 230V to max. 600V
Surge Current: 4500A
Energy Dissipation: 225 joules
Response Time: <10ns

1 x 1.8m TV Coax Plug to TV Coax Plug
1 x 1.8m RJ45 to RJ45
1 x 1.8m RJ12 to RJ12
1 x 1.8m F61 Plug to F61 Plug
2 x RJ45 to RJ12 reducers


Length : 360.00000000mm
Width : 125.00000000mm
Height : 32.00000000mm
Mains Voltage Range : 230.00000000V, 240.00000000V
Frequency : 50.00000000Hz
Rated for AU Mains : true
Mains Max Current : 10.00000000A
Max Input Power : 2500.00000000W
Mains Item connection : Mains AU/NZ 2 Pin (No Earth)
Mains lead included : true
Mains Lead Length : 1.00000000m
USB Voltage Output Range : 5.00000000V
USB Current Output : 1.00000000A, 2.00000000A
Has USB power output? : true
Supported USB Standards : USB 2.0
Number of USB ports : 2.00000000pc
Type of adaptor : Power Board
Number of Sockets : 10.00000000pc
Global Switch : true
Individual Switches : false
Illuminated Switches : true
EMI Filter : true
RFI Filter : true
Input Type : Mains AU/NZ 3 Pin
Input Connection : Plug
Output Type : Mains AU/NZ 3 Pin
Output Connection : Socket
Output Quantity : 10.00000000pc
Lead Length : 1.00000000m
Retractable Lead : false
Additional Surge Protection : RJ12
Additonal Filter Type : Metal Oxide Varistor
Surge Current : 1200.00000000A
Imulse Discharge Current : 10000.00000000A
Capacitance : 5.00000000pF
Clamping Voltage : 600.00000000V
Input Type : Mains AU/NZ 3 Pin
Input Connection : Plug
Output Type : Mains AU/NZ 3 Pin
Output Quantity : 10.00000000pc
Output Connection : Socket
USB Charge Port : 2.00000000pc
Protection Device : Metal Oxide Varistor
Maximum Surge Current : 144000.00000000A
Clamp Voltage : 775.00000000V
Energy Absorption : 4300.00000000J
Response Time : 2.00000000ns

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