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Desktop 3D Scanner V2 with Quickscan Software

v2 +Quickscan(MFS1V2)
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RRP: $1,499.00
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Scan objects with an accuracy within +- 0.1mm resolution. Comes packed with MFStudio software out of the box. • Matter and Form v2 +Quickscan(MFS1V2)
Sold as - Each
Stock unit - Each

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USB 2.0

The +Quickscan feature captures geometry in as fast as 65 seconds! Packaged together with the V2 3D scanner, MFStudio and +Quickscan produce rewarding, fast results that allow you to set up a scan and watch the object materialize on screen like magic. You'll find yourself experimenting and learning to master 3D scanning in no time.

Enjoy total control over your scanning setup with a scan accuracy withing +- 0.1mm. Achieve great results quickly and with ease. Become resourceful and create something spectacular! 

Whats in the box:
• 1x V2 3D Scanner
• 1x USB B cable
• 1x AC Power adapter
• 4 interchangeable worldwide power plugs
• 1x Calibration card
• 1x User Manual
• 1x Product Information Booklet
• 1x Small Plastic Toy
• MFStudio software with +Quickscan


Length : 85.0mm
Width : 210.0mm
Height : 345.0mm
Weight : 2.0g
Supported USB Standards : USB 2.0
USB Port Types : USB Type B
Dimension details : Maximum Scan Dimensions
Height : 250.0mm
Diameter : 175.0mm

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