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True RMS Digital Multimeter with Bluetooth® Connectivity

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Full auto ranging with high accuracy 6000 count display, as well as advanced math functions.
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Bluetooth® Compatible

A stunning example of multimeter performance, with a rugged waterproof case to boot! Full auto ranging with high accuracy 6000 count display, as well as advanced math functions. All the usual features like data hold, temperature, capacitance, and a few not-so-common features like duty cycle measurement. Bluetooth connectivity provides a host of advanced monitoring and data logging functionality without fuss.

• Bluetooth wireless
• True RMS
• 6000 count
• Cat IV 600V
• IP67 waterproof case
• Large backlit display
• Duty cycle measurement
• Relative measurement
• Min / max / avg functions
• Frequency measurement
• Capacitance
• Full autoranging






Capacitance Ranges : 60.00000000µF, 600.00000000nF, 6.00000000µF, 60.00000000µF, 600.00000000µF, 6000.00000000µF
Capacitance Accuracy : 5.0%
Continuity buzzer : true
AC Current Ranges : 600.00000000A, 6000.00000000µA, 60.00000000A, 600.00000000mA, 10.00000000A
AC Current Accuracy : 1.0%
DC Current Ranges : 60.00000000µA, 6000.00000000A, 60.00000000mA, 600.00000000mA, 10.00000000A
DC Current Accuracy : 1.0%
Frequency Ranges : 0.00100000Hz, 1.00000000Hz, 10.00000000kHz
Frequency Accuracy : 1.0%
Resistance Ranges : 600.00000000Ω, 6.00000000kΩ, 60.00000000kΩ, 600.00000000kΩ, 6.00000000MΩ, 60.00000000MΩ
Resistance Accuracy : 1.5%
Measures in Celcius : true
Indoor / Interior Scale : -20.000000°C
Celcius Accuracy : 1.0%
Measures in Fahrenheit : true
Indoor / Interior Scale : -4.000000°F
Fahrenheit Accuracy : 1.0%
AC Voltage Ranges : 6.00000000V, 60.00000000V, 600.00000000V, 1000.00000000V
AC Voltage Accuracy : 1.0%
AC Volts Measurement Range : 6.00000000V, 1000.00000000V
DC Voltage Ranges : 600.00000000mV, 6.00000000V, 60.00000000V, 600.00000000V, 1000.00000000V
DC Voltage Accuracy : 0.9%
DC Volts Measurement Range : 600.00000000V
Data Hold : true
Communication : Bluetooth
Safety Rating Cat : Cat III
Safety Rating Max Volt : 1000.00000000V
Count Maximum Reading : 6000.00000000 count
True RMS : true
Autorange : true
Measures duty cycle : true
Width : 75.00000000mm
Height : 170.00000000mm
Depth : 48.00000000mm
Sensor Type : K-Type Thermocouple
Connection to Meter : Mini-Marlin Plug with Banana Plug Adaptor
Meter Input Impedence : 10.00000000MΩ
Input Protection Fuse : 10.00000000A
Measures diode : true
Special Features : LED Torch
Casing : Rubber
Availability : Stocked item

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