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Freezing Spray Can

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Non CFC Ozone safe propellant. Instantly freezing spray for rapidly cooling components to detectintermittent thermal faults, dry joints and overheatin...
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Hazardous Materials

This is a product derived from the electronics industry. It is basically a can of non-CFC ozone safe propellant that when sprayed drops the targeted area by about 50°C. When used on a tick, it completely immobilises it for at least 10 seconds, enabling you to safely remove it.

WARNING: Only use the spray for under one second. Try not to get spray on your skin. Prolonged use
can burn skin. The amount you will need guarantees that the product will last a long, long time.


Packaged Volume : 0.51l
Packaged Weight : 0.32kg
Packaged Length : 20.5cm
Packaged Width : 5cm
Packaged Height : 5cm
DG UN Number : 1950
DG Class : 2.2
DG Pack Group : Not Required
DG Hazardous Chemical Code : 2YE
DG Ship Name : 1950 - Aerosols non-flammable less than 1L
DG C.A.S. Number : 811-97-2
Dangerous in Road Freight : true
Dangerous in Air Freight : true
Service Aid : Refrigerant
Physical state : Liquid Spraycan
Chemical container type : Spray Can
Aerosol spray type : Spray can
Aerosol straw : false
Aerosol Weight : 250g
Availability : Stocked item

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